Our Menu

Grilled Chicken Greek Wrap

Fresh Greek Salad of Romanine lettcue

cucumbers,olives,purple onion an

dressed with Tiziki sauce

Gyro's Lamb, or Chicken

Greek saladtopped with Tiziki 

Grilled Chicken Caesar wrap

Fresh Grilled Chicken,Curls of fresh Parm

Cheese, and a cool Caesar dressing

over crisp romaine lettuce,

Plated or wrapped, it's a WoW !


New England, Connecticut 


Lobster Meat ON THE BUN !!

Shrimp Bucket

Big Shrimp, Corn, Red potatoes,,

smoked sausage, OLD BAY ,YA Baby !

​​​​​​​​Philly Cheese Steak

fresh ribeye, grilled onions, provolone.

Close face Roast Beef

slow roasted seasoned tender beef loin

Carrots,Caramelized Onions,Pantycrisp potatos.

Rosemary Beef

Slow Roasted in a Rosamary Marinated 

and served with summer fresh Grilled Veggies and mashed golden potato's

Grilled Skrit Roll Up

Tender char grilled Skrit Steak,

wrapped around grilled Fresh Red Bell pepper, Asparagus, Fresh Feta Cheese

Hot N Juicy Burgers

Fresh Ground Beef encompass by grilled Onions,Bell Peppers and Fresh Cheese's

​Stuffed Peppers

Fresh Ground Beef, Rice,seasoned, Sauced

and topped with Mozzarella

Black N Blue Burger

Fresh Ground Beef, Char broil an Topped with Blue Crumble,garnished with Sweet Rip Tomato an Romaine Lettuce